Selasa, 10 April 2012

Dari H(A)ti untuk Cin(T)a

Men will not be thinking about you 24 / 7, but he definitely have you in his heart.

Men are sometimes deliberately waiting online, though sometimes not said a word.

Men always smile when thinking of you, but he also tried to not really show how much he enjoyed talking to you.

Men, when the sincere love, will always be thinking of you. He wants to spend all his time, if possible, with you.

Men do not think about and remember the little things you say, he thought about everything you said! Panic, although trying to remain calm, think of every word you uttered, and try to understand what exactly you want to convey.

Men, so he began sincere love, no way to stop loving him, even though you and he no longer together. No matter how hard the attempt, he will always love the woman who had touched his heart.

Men, when falling in love, the first thing that comes to mind in the morning is the woman he loved, and the same thing when it required him to dream the night beautiful.

Man, every time I saw a couple in love, will always remember the woman he loved and imagine if the couple is himself and the woman he loves.

Men, when the sincere love, will always remember everything about the woman he loved, the way you walk, the way you dress, how you talk, smile, laugh, and the way you grieve.

Men, when falling in love, not something that simple, although some women think men are really easy to fall in love.

Men, when falling in love, it would be difficult to guess, he will fight hard to get a woman who loves. Sometimes stubborn, and no matter circumstance or situation that will face.

Men, when falling in love, just because you want to get your heart, even if that meant he had to take you from one end of the world to the other world, he will do it!

Men, when falling in love, will show you how to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of a woman in a thousand and one ways.

From: The most beautiful place =My Heart=