Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

Lensa Motivasi ku

I am a man who has many dreams and many expectations in my life. Moreover, to make my parents proud of me and make them happy are some of my expectations. They are also as my big motivated in every inch in my life. So that, I try to do the best as I can in many things that I have done. As a human being, I want to be a successful man. Not only useful for myself, but also for the other people. For me, to being a successful person it is not about how rich you are but how far you can make your family feel of blessing. There are several reasons why I have to be a successful man.
The first is I want to increase my family society. I know to get the high standard of living is not easy; it has to have many sacrifices. That is why I have to fight to my family. Since I grown up I start to think more carefully than I was younger. I have to think about my future, what will I do if I pass my study, what can I do to apply my knowledge, and so on.
The second is I want to have bright career. I do love many schedule, being busy and have many experiences. Basically, I am the person who will take any change that appears of my life. As long as that is positive for me and I get the right time, I will take it.
I realize that it will take a long journey of my life to get a successful life. I have to study hard and I have to learn more to make it happen. Actually, there are many things else that I wish, but the most common hopes are both of those reason. Someday, I hope those are my wishes will happen. In brief, I am very thankful to my parents as the biggest motivator to me. Thus I can survive until now.